How to obtain three Car garage plans.

3 car garage plan by behm garage planNow when you have finally decided to build a garage to add much needed extra storage space and to park your cars, you must have doubt in your mind to get the best plans for it. While constructing a garage you must think about your requirements first. You will enhance your house by having a three car garage plan. You can house your cars as well as it increases the overall value of your property. No doubt , your reason for building a garage is uniquely your own. Generally the recommended size of three car garage  is 32 feet wide and 22 feet deep.

Here, on the World Wide Web, you can find the perfect having the capacity to house three cars, for only a fraction of the cost. However, don’t be a gullible client, pay attention to detail, and you will be able to find the right 3 car garage plans for your home.

Let’s talk about some important points which needs to be taken care while having three car garage plan.

Importance of Following the Blueprint:
You have to follow the blueprint of your garage as it will follow the design of your garage. You need to have enough space to park your car and open the doors. Picking up right blueprint will help you to have a stylish and perfect garage, which would complement your house.

If you find a garage building kit from your builder it will serves includes blueprints of the interior and exterior elevations, a plan for the foundation, the outlines and floor as well as a cross-section view. You can also think of having a kitchen and bathroom.

Choosing the right Building material: Now when you have decided a right blueprint, next is to choose right building material for your three car garage plan. You will must take the material list from your builder to get the exact idea about what to shop and from where you shop all the material needed for building the garage. You must choose to wholesale market to get all the material like concrete, lumber, steel brackets, roofing, paints and other essential components needed for building your garage. It’s all very well to find a great 3 car garage plans that suits your need, but without an estimate of the cost you will incur to build it, you are not going to get very far.

Perfect Finishing with the Flooring:                                                                               It is garage that does not mean it should have a boring flooring option. To give a unique and stylish look to your three car garage plan, choose some good flooring options that does not mean you it should be expensive. There are cheap options of garage flooring also available over the world wide web. It entirely depends upon someone’s taste of size and color to patterned the garage floor tiles. You can also paint your garage floor, but your garage floor concrete should be in good condition.

Next comes the painting of the garage, when you think of painting your garage floor, choose from following options.

  • Latex Acrylic Paint
  • One Part epoxy paint
  • 2-part epoxy garage paint, floor kit.

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