Trendy shelving ideas to arrange your garage

car gabinets

The garage must be uncluttered and very well organized.  With a little bit of hard work or imagination, you can do it as you want.  Whether you have 1car or multi-car garage, where you shelter your cars, but you also must have the idea that what kind of extra equipment or items you want to store.  There are plenty of garage shelves ideas are available for organize stuff in the garage.  You can turn your clutter garage into a well organized and chaos free garage by implementing a simple yet trendy shelves ideas.

  1. Cabinets


Cabinets are the brilliant choice for arranging stuff in a systematized manner because it can accessibly store your stuff.   Some shelves and hooks must be placed inside the cabinet, which can used for storing and hanging items easily.  Cabinets can be moved from one location to another.  So, whenever you want, you can change its position according to your choice.  There are different styles and sizes are available in the market, So,  you must hire a professional for doing this because they can guide you according to your budget, need and space.

  1. Shelves


Shelves are the most excellent choice by people who really want to manage their garage because it can store your small equipment too, e.g. keys, boxes, gardening tools and so on.  If you have less space, but you have lots of extra stuff then shelves can be very helpful at that time.  Sometimes, we lose our vital tools because of messy place and we won’t need to spend our time in pursuit it which is not lost but misplaced.  In such type of situations, The shelves will be proven beneficial for you.   Whatever kind of shelves you are planning to use, it is preeminent that it produces enough space in your garage, which will help you to clean and organized your garage in a systematic way.

  1. Ceiling


Sometimes even our garage has no much space to store other stuff then ceiling is a best way to store other stuff or equipment.  The major advantage of ceiling that you will get enough space in floor because all extra equipment are stored on the ceiling.  It allows you to hold bins where you can keep things such as bulbs, tools, etc.  With the help of ceiling, all the floor space will left, where you can shelter your car, bike, bicycle etc.


All these organizing ideas are perfect for storing your stuff systematically.  It will be proven an intelligent action taken by you for maintaining or managing your garage.  It will enhance your garage appearance.  Your garage will look like a freer place.  A managed or clutter free garage not only looking beautiful,  but also looks healthier.

You can also consult with our expert designer Jay Behm. He has 25 years of experience in this field.  He can lead you to maintain your garage and can give you a perfect garage plans according to your need or budget.  If you want any advice, visit

If you want to give any suggestions then please share your ideas or thoughts with us.  We are always waiting for your reply.




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