Garage Plans That Can Do Wonders

A garage plan is an essential requirement of any home. If any additional space is available in the property, then that have to be utilized by an intelligent planning.  A home also needs a storage space. Looking into the area available and the budget, a homeowner should decide upon the type and style of garage required for his/her home.  A garage will give multi-fold benefits to the owner of the home.

Gives the AESTHETIC LOOK to Your Home

Property with a garage will give an aesthetic look to your home. Be it a single car garage or a multi use garage with a loft, that doesn’t matter.  It can be anything, a garage apartment or a high ceiling garage for a boat or garage with a large storage area for garden equipment, motorcycles, or a workshop. Whatever be the type of garage plans, it will add beauty to the surroundings and the property attached to it.

Just a home is not enough without an attached garage, be it for just the parking of your car or for the purpose of using for guests, BEHM DESIGN have a huge collection of multiple car garage plans to suit all homes depending upon the area available for the garage and the budget. You can never have enough storage space and one should take the most of the available space to build the garage that will long time to come.

Behm Designs Garage plans will help you to build a place for your vehicles and storage. By building your garage plans with Behm Designs, you will save money and time. Here are some Unique Garage plans which are designed by expert designer JAY BEHM.


In today’s modern era everyone have at least one car in their home and they want a garage which shelter their car as well as store their other things. So BEHM DESIGN is a place which gives a unique yet modern garage plans at an affordable price and according to people’s needs.


A car is just the most expensive item in the house and two cars are double expensive items, also if you have a big joint family the chances are you will have at least two cars so that it will be essential everyday to your life, for example: going to work, taking the kids to school, going shopping etc. so for that A Two Car garage plans can be very beneficial.


Building a three car garage can add value your house and if you ever sell it, you can get a big amount by selling your house with three car garage. Three Car garage plans are little big in size and styles than one or two car garage plans. You can also use it for office purposes, play house for your children’s, and workshop. Three car garage plans is in trend and it gives modern look to your house. This garage plan is very popular in the categories of garages. You can also turn it into a playhouse for yourself by placing things like a snooker table, play station or any other game equipment.  You can also use it as an income source by letting people use the games for money.


Garage apartment plans give your house a different and elegant look. In this plan you can also use garage as rooms instead of parking cars. It is perfect for independent teenagers and guests needing privacy. It is like a living quarters. You can also earning nice money by renting the apartment garage.


Garage plans with workshop is an ideal solution for those who need extra parking and room for woodworking, crafts, home improvement projects and the like. Most garage workshop plans are designed as one story, detached garages. They usually combine sheltered parking for one or more vehicles with workshop space. The workshop area offers enough space for a workbench, gardening table, counter or other work surface along with a place to store tools and supplies for home repairs and hobbies.


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