A garage is one of the important parts of the house. Planning a garage can be a difficult task especially when you are faced several considerations like the type of garage plans, the design & the size etc. There is also a question of whether you will just DIY or whether you will go to prefab model garage plans. The list of questions is so long. If you are looking to build your own & creative garage to store your vehicles safely, you will need to start with a good set of instructions. A detailed plan complete with step-by-step instructions, tips and illustrations, can make the task of building a garage easier. There are many different garage plans are available on BEHM DESIGN, Where you will be able to find exactly what you are looking for.

Simple One Car Garage Plans

Building a car garage plans could assuredly be the simplest of the garage plans to build from mostly because of their simplicity.  These plans are meant for garages that can be used to store one car. Mostly one car garage plans are attached but you can build according to your choice, attached or detached.

Two Car Garage Plans

Two car garage plans are designed to store 2 cars. This is not only offers you practical benefits on a daily basis, it also increases the overall value of your property.  Two car garage plans are suitable for any style home.


Three Car Garage Plans

Three car garage plans deliver the curb appeal, practicality and functionality that will satisfy a multitude of needs of most buyers. Three car garage plans may have three overhead doors for each car and additional one small door.

Loft Garage Plans

Garage loft plans are Detached or Attached garage plans that are designed to deliver more than just sheltered. They generally offer a parking area for four vehicles and storage space in the form of an upstairs loft.

Garages with Workshop   

Garage plan with workshop is an ideal solution for those who need extra parking and room for woodworking, crafts, home improvement projects and the like. Most garage workshop plans are designed as detached garages. They usually combine sheltered parking for more than vehicles with workshop space. The workshop area offers enough space for a workbench, gardening table, counter or other work surface along with a place to store gadgets & tools and supplies for home repairs and hobbies.

Apartment Garage Plans    

The garage plans with apartment adds value to a home and allows a homeowner to uniquely expand their living space. These plans are suited to meet the needs of people, who wanted to spend quality time with their automobile, and the nurturing mother who desires space to house for their families and visiting children, and the businessman who wants to earn more money by renting the apartment above the garage to a local student.

Shed Garage Plans

Shed plans are free standing structures, design for organizational purposes or storage. They are usually built in backyards or on other space of your property. Sheds are available in a broad range of shapes, sizes and styles. For those who have not outside storage or an overflowing garage, shed plans are the perfect solution.

SUV (sport utility vehicles) Garage Plans

These garage plans feature larger garage doors to accommodate the SUV trucks. People like the ease of maneuvering their vehicles through greater interior space and larger door. Behm Design offers a great selection of SUV garage plans in a variety of style & size.

Storage Plans

Big things require big storage & space. Whether you need a place to keep a few heads of cattle or a heavy duty combine, Behm Design’s affordable storage plans can accommodate serious storage needs. Behm Design’s storage plans are designed to support the demands of agricultural business or rural lifestyle.

Two Story Garage Plans

Two Story plans are available in many sizes and styles. These garages are used for many purposes such as office, exercise room, studio, entertainment center, home business, hobby space, playing room for children etc.

If you are looking for information about garage plans you will find lots of helpful tips and many other projects at www.behmgarageplans.com


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