Commonly Asked Questions about Garage Plans

When people thinking about building a garage, they probably have some questions related to garage plans. So below are some questions and their answers about garage plans which help you to make a right decision when it comes to buying your garage plans.

  1. What is the First Thing to Do?

The first thing to think of when choosing garage plan is if you`re building the garage yourself or hiring a contractor. A contractor often will have a number of garage plans you can choose from, but the most contractor will be open if you bring them a plan. They’ll work for you and sure you’re happy with the finished plan.

  1. How many costs to Build a Particular Garage?

Disastrously, we do not provide the estimated cost to build our designs. The costs of the labor and material vary from one city to another city or sometimes even within the same city. It is so difficult for us to know the going rates for labor and materials in all municipalities, cities and countries etc. we realize that it will require a little more research and work on for people wishing list to build a garage.

  1. How Get a Permit From Authorities?

Remember that getting permission from local authorities is necessary because without getting any permission, you can’t build a garage. If you start constructing a garage without taking permission from local authorities, they have full rights to stop you from building a garage and they can also ruin your garage at any time.

  • If your structure is more than hundred square feet in size, then it would require a permit.
  • The quality of garage plan must be very good to get a permit.
  • You should have to follow building codes and rules such as the type of occupancies, construction, dimensional limitations, mechanical and electrical, functionality and safety in structural etc. If your plan is not according to the law of building codes, your permit will be rejected.
  1. Can the Garage Plans be modified?

Yes, Garage plans can be modified according to your need and space. Our modification team can help you for this and provide a free quote for your changes within a couple of days. It will become more important when you intend to also use the converted space as a storage room, apartment, workshop, loft etc. This whole process of converting the garage into an apartment, storage room etc. will take a significant amount of time.

  1. Do My Plans Sealed and Stamped by an Engineer or Architect?

Our garage plans do not come with an architect or an engineer’s steal and stamp. They are considered as predrawn stock plans. It means they are building to meet the desired building codes. But we do not guarantee the plans will meet all the requirements and local codes because our plans are built and sold over the US and Canada, it will impossible for our designers to ensure that they will meet all local codes for every city, location, country etc.


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