Behm Design was founded as a custom home design firm in 1985 by Jay Behm after several years of architectural apprenticeship and graduating from Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture at the University of Washington College of Architecture and Urban Planning.8225539_177

The stock plans business grew to primary business activity and, with the emerging internet, quickly became a leading supplier of garage building plans that could be used in nearly all parts of the US. All garage plans are designed and drawn by Jay Behm and are distributed exclusively through Behm Design.

If the garage plans satisfy local building code requirements you will be allowed to acquire a permit for construction. If the garage plans are not of sufficient quality or lack correct information, they will be rejected. (many jurisdictions require a minimum drawing sheet size of 11′ x 17″ for submittal) The quality of the garage plans is especially important during construction. All project participants need to understand dimensions, locations, construction assemblies and specifications.

Our garage plans are professionally designed, engineered (as applicable) and drawn for accuracy and clarity. We use the 18″ x 24″ size black on white copies for field durability and legibility. Compliance with the latest International Residential Code (IRC) requirements assures successful building permit approval in most locations, because the IRC is the basis code adopted by all US states except California and Florida. There are some coastal and mountainous regions which require special engineering for any garage plans structure. With available consultants, we can serve some regions with those special requirements, but not all.

We listen to our customers, so our line of garage plans is continually expanding. If you have any questions or suggestions call Jay @ 1-800-210-6776 . Thank you.

Office Hours: M – F 8am – 5pm, Sat, hours vary.

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