How My Dream of Desired Garage Plan Became True

Before starting I want to tell you that building a desired garage is everyone’s dream which hardly comes true. And I was one of them. I started my garage or storage room with a design downloaded from an online website. I must tell you that it was a great design with affordability and the carpenter I hired was also fortunately a good person and a very experienced one. All the tools were of good quality and cheap price. I was lucky enough to get them for my garage plan.


The most important thing was that I got the permission for my garage plan very easily because it doesn’t include any illegal things or designs. My garage plan was fully safe with all legal designs as per government rules and regulations. First of all, I started with all the trash things and modified them into something beautiful. The important benefit of making a garage plan is you can turn your trash into useful art pieces and hangings.


My contractor advised me to buy some wallpaper and floor tiles which are available in the market at affordable prices. He also told me that I can use any type of design whatever I want. That was the part I liked the most because I was able to use my own creative art for walls and floor. I used my personal old paintings and graffiti designs and they looked beautiful as I imagined. I build this garage to an art studio for myself and to pursue my desire of painting. And this garage is big enough to plan an exhibition in it. I do not need any other halls or rented rooms for my exhibition. As I live by myself and do not own a car, I can use it for anything I want. I am not a rich man but I know how to do right things in an affordable way.


The wood was all natural from a forest and safe without any chemical side effects and long lasting. You can also buy wood from the market but you must make sure that it is safe and harmless. When we talk about the design, we want it to catch everyone’s eye with its different patterns. I used different kind of designs including old stuff of my home and garage. There two benefits of this were, I got a lot of free space in my home and my garage looked beautiful with those things.

Therefore, you must make sure that you get your desired plan with affordable prices.


Garage Wall Colors- Revolutionize Your House


As we all know that wall paints can simply enhance your house elegance because it can add texture and charm in your garage plans. Every second person wants to paint their house wall, but due to lack of knowledge about selecting a paint they choose an immoral color, which makes their house disaster.  I know, there are plenty of wall paint colors are available in the market, which may create a confusion during choosing a wall color.

Color Selection


Put your imagination during selecting a paint color. I mean, imagine what kind of wall paint you want for your garage or house. If you fail to decide to select a paint, then go to the paint store and see all the colors and then think that which color can fit your house style and then pick your desired color. You can also try the combination of colors for your house or garage wall.

Dark Or Light


You should have to know about your budget that how much you can spend for your wall paints. Then think that you want a dark or light color for your garage. Both light and dark colors have their benefits. They both colors looks beautiful, but only if it is complimentary fit your house design. You can ramp up your backyard with dark colors and If there are shade trees, then insertion the garage in the shade helps in this purpose. You can use the lighter colors to exaggerate its elegance.

Warm or Cool Colors


Now, you should also have to decide that you want a warm color or cool color. Warm colors are red, orange, yellow, brown and cool colors are purple, blue and green. Warm color can give your house a hot and spicy elegance, where cool colors can make your house earthy, pleasant and yielding.

If you still have some doubts then you can look up with wall paint experts because they may properly guide you as per your necessities and budget too.