Affordability and creativeness are the two main aspects people look for when they think about building a garage, whether it is a car garage, a workshop, an apartment or many more. If we talk about creativity then first thing which is comes to our mind is what design to choose because there are plenty of designs available in the market according to your needs. In these days, creative garage plans are in a high demand, which will give your house a perfect and elegant look that also increases the value of your property.

An affordable garage plan includes all the stuff which has a low price and best in the industry and also the natural wood from the forest which you are going to use. Due to online availability, forget about worry because we have countless innovative, beautiful designs which come under your budget. You can visit our website to check the price.

There are several people who can change or modify their old garage to a creative masterpiece. If you are a busy person then you can hire an engineer, no doubt he will give his best shot but if you want to do something by your own then it is a great opportunity to show people what you can do with some large pieces of wood and other tools. Your garage design should be attractive to surprise the people. You can choose your plans and designs from our website. Submit your requirements and download the blueprints of your garage.

For some people who think that a garage plays an important role in their life, you can turn your garage into a piece of art by using some additional settings like lighting and a beautiful wall and floor. The fluorescent lights are the best suited for your garage. There are some good qualities of lights available in the market. The size of the light depends on the size of the garage you want to design. You can turn your garage into a shop or a designer apartment and it is not about what things you put in your garage to make it look amazing. It is how you use them to make it one. Creative mind always think creativity so that’s why I have told the great idea.

All these installations provide their owners to express their creativity and you can talk with your neighborhood if you have great design to work upon. To keep the safety in mind is important too and you must make sure that all the safety guidelines are fulfilled.

Though a creative and affordable garage must be a safe garage too.



If you are searching for extra space around your house, you are at right place! Behm design provides such as garage plans. We offer a huge collection of garage plans includes designs for everything i.e. garage apartments to garage shop & storage loft. All of our garage plans have been carefully drafted by professional designer Jay Behm.

 Garage Apartment Plans

Our collection of the garage with apartment’s plans gives you plenty of options for expanding. If you need more bedrooms and another few space to get some work done? It gives you the extra living space you need without requiring costly & complicated additions or modifications to the main structure of your home. We offer affordable designs to suit your style & meet your needs.

 Storage Plans

Big things require big space or storage. Whether you need a place to keep a heavy-duty combine or a few heads of cattle, our affordable storage building plans can accommodate serious storage needs. Our storage plans are available in a wide variety of size & style and are specially designed to support the demands of rural lifestyle or agricultural business.

All-Purpose Shed Plans

Our All-purpose shed building plans are sure to meet or exceed your every expectation. Not quite on the same scale as a garage plan or our storage plans serve as a manageable Store room, in-between solution for tools, lawn equipment, and all that excess STUFF.

Garage Workshop Plans

Garage plan with workshop is an ideal solution for those in need of extra parking & room for woodworking, crafts, home improvement projects and the like. Usually, the workshop area offers enough room for a workbench, gardening table, counter or another work surface along with a place to store tools and supplies for home repairs and hobbies.

Two Story Garage Plan

Two story garage plans are available in many sizes and styles. These second story garages are used for many purposes such as home business, office, studio, workout or exercise room, workshop, hobby space, entertainment center, gaming room etc. it is a good choice for your home.

One car garage plan

One car garage plans are detached garages designed to protect and shelter one automobile. Various rooflines including gable, reverse gable and gambrel top these designs and provide greater variation and more option in style and design. Someone car garage plans are very simple while others are neatly detailed and showcase fine craftsmanship and decorative trim.

Two car garage plan

Two car garage plans are designed for the storage of two cars. A double car garage not only offers you practical benefits on a daily basis, it also increases the overall value of your property. 2 car garage plans offer flexibility while adding value to any style home.

 Three car garage plan

Three car garage plans are detached garages which are intended for the storage of up to three vehicles. 3 car garage plans deliver the curb appeal, functionality, and practicality that will satisfy a multitude of needs of most buyers.

 SUV (sport utility vehicles) garage plans

SUV garage plans feature higher than standards ceilings and larger garage doors to accommodate the larger SUV trucks. Behm design offers a great selection of these SUV garage plans in a variety of size and style. People like the ease of maneuvering their vehicles through the larger door and greater interior space. These same plans are currently available only at Behm Design